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New collab : Costume Design !


Our brand new collaboration with the Youtube Channel MADE IN FRANCE ASMR, created by Maxence Rodier, a french filmmaker doing ASMR videos since 2014.

For this collaboration, Martian Agency designed and made the official Jacket and gloves he will be wearing in his Youtube videos from now on.

In a very futuristic atmosphere, imprinted with space exploration and a flavor of superhero, this collaboration was meant to be !

The video celebrate the 300 000 subscribers on his ASMR Youtube Channel : The result is quite amazing, and the quality of the video really brings out the costume to its very best look. Congrats to the team for such a great work !

For the little story, Maxence Rodier studied cinematographic and sound design allowing him to produce the best sounds and visuals he can to relax his ASMR subscribers.

On his channel, you'll find mostly No Talking videos, but also French / English Whisper / Soft Spoken. All he can say now is: "May The Tingles Be With You."

The least we can say is that this video made us tingles !

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