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"IRL" Music video by Neo Ninj

We're very happy to share with you our collaboration with NEO NINJ for her brand new music video called "IRL".

This is the story of a girl who has a much more interesting life online than in real life. Nelly talks about our addiction to social medias and how it influences our choices. 

The music video takes place in a very clean and graphic room, all black and white. 

With a very sweet melody and voice, the singer Nelly relates facts and explains how this virtual world has actually broken her own boundaries and expanded her vision.

Nelly is wearing our Comete Spacesuit from NOMAD collection F/W 18-19, and she looks amazing ! 

To watch the video : 

We really love all the retro/techno/glitch effects, the song is always stuck in our heads for days, and the entire result is awesome !

Congratulations to the entire team for all this hard work !

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