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2021 was a lot about RIOT GAMES, with more Valorant content and the new Netflix show ARCANE !

We can happily said that we were part of the RIOT adventure this year.

First in August for the Playoff Playsets for League of Legends finals when we created figures representing the players, then later this year for the release of the new character Chamber from the game Valorant where we created him in real.

It's been a great experience, and we're looking forward to sharing from our collaboration with RIOT.

Stay tuned !

Photo credits :

Mannequin : @_yoann

Production : @silenthoodfilms

Photographe : @orel_kichigai

Costume :

Accessoires : @shellshockedprops

Maquillage : @lexiamakeup_pro

Coiffure : @bonjourvivi

And the Playoffs Playset video, available on Youtube :

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