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We're very happy to share with you our brand new collaboration with POLYGON, a visual artist and film director, specialized in analog technology, who creates impressive glitch universes.

Polygon is passionate about visual art, he draws his creative strength from the 80s & 90s culture and explores the infinite possibilities of creation using analog synths and video processors.

His clients are many and various, from Sony Music, Warner Music, UMG, Tame Impala, Charli XCX, Bring Me The Horizon, to the Youtuber Squeezie.

It's a great honor for Martian Agency to be collaborating with POLYGON, he brought a brand new vision on the collection HESPERIAN GODS, we really love the result ! A Huge thank to him !

Discover his work here.

Photography by Paul Clichy

Model by La_Touffe

Clothing Martian Agency

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