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We are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Baghera Jones for her show on stage at L'olympia in Paris.

She is wearing our museum piece FSERA, a long white neoprene sleeveless jacket with cuts.

A huge thank to Constance Bloch for styling this iconic look !

Originally from Neuchâtel in Switzerland, Baghera Jones or her real name Justine Noguera, is a 25-year-old streamer doing multigaming on Twitch.

BagheraJones in addition to being a streamer, trained as a graphic designer, she began her first streams in March 2018 after having been a viewer of MisterMV in particular.

On Twitch, we could see her in her debut on the game Trackmania and participate in ZeratoR competitions (Zrt Cup) and play solo games of the "RPG" type like Oblivion, which she played a lot in her childhood.



PS : We're in love with the fanarts, a huge big up to the talented artists out there !

Art by @boobs_are_swag

Art by @heleizition

Art by @SamaireLb

Art by @Moemai

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