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SHOWREEL | Marine Arnoul

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Marine Arnoul is a French emerging Costume and Fashion Designer working in Paris. Her futuristic and avant-garde designs have appeared in commercials, music videos, shows, videogames and exhibitions.

As the founder of the creative brand Martian Agency, Marine is a multi-medium designer, her inspirations are very diverse and cover many artistic fields.

Founded in 2018 by the young designer Marine Arnoul, Martian Agency is a high-end fashion and costume design agency, distinguished by a futuristic and avant-garde style.

At Martian Agency's, All the garments and accessories are made in France, in our ateliers. Innovating though upcycling, fabric deviation, biodegradable 3D printing and new technologies, Martian Agency designs bespoke pieces and exclusive collections.

Experimental and fearless, the agency offers cutting-edge fashion for the future, defining a silhouette transformed by new materials through original shapes and graphic cuts.

Inspired by the organic, the structured, the hybrid and the high-tech, Martian Agency shapes and evolves its vision of the world.

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Marine Arnoul est une jeune créatrice française de mode et de costume, travaillant à Paris. Ses designs futuristes et avant-gardistes ont été vus dans des publicités, des clips musicaux, des spectacles, des jeux-vidéos et lors d'expositions. En tant que fondatrice de la marque créative Martian Agency, Marine est une designer multidisciplinaire, ses inspirations sont très variées et couvrent de nombreux domaines artistiques.

Fondée en 2018 par la jeune créatrice Marine Arnoul, Martian Agency est une agence de mode et de création de costume haut-de-gamme, qui se distingue par un univers futuriste et avant-gardiste.

Tous les produits que propose Martian Agency sont fabriqués en France, au sein de ses ateliers. Innovante dans l’emploi de ses matériaux, l’upcycling de tissus, l’impression 3D biodégradable et l’utilisation des nouvelles technologies pour créer des vêtements connectés, Martian Agency réalise des pièces uniques et des collections exclusives en édition limitée.

Expérimentale et audacieuse, l’agence offre une mode du futur clivante, définissant une silhouette transformée par l’utilisation de matériaux nouveaux au travers de coupes originales et graphiques.

Ses inspirations sont organiques, hybrides, high-tech et architecturales, Martian Agency façonne sa propre vision du monde et l’explore jusque dans ses retranchements afin de faire évoluer les mentalités.

Samples of Marine Arnoul's most recent work :

Marine designed Isïa Marie latest costume for her performance on stage.

Marine co-directed the style and designed the entire collections of Mina Storm.

Marine was a finalist designer for the World of WearableArt 2019 with her "INTEGUMENTUM" garment that she designed and made, and was sponsored by the French Embassy in New Zealand for her trip, in september 2019.

Read her interview.

Marine Arnoul designed ,wrote the storytelling and directed all the photoshoots of Martian Agency's latest collection called HESPERIAN GODS.

Marine's latest creations for Martian Agency were publihsed in FEROCE MAGAZINE.

Marine designed the iconic outfit and gloves for the famous Youtube Channel Made In France ASMR.

Marine designed the coaches in the game of JUST DANCE for the three last opuses.

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