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New Collection : New helmet !

After months of work, designing, prototyping and 3D printing, we are very proud to present you our Hesperian Helmet, the iconic piece of our SS20-21 HESPERIAN GODS collection. With the success of the NOMAD Helmet, we decided to make it a ritual for every collection.

Remember back in July when we presented the teaser for the HESPERIAN GODS collection, our adventurers actually found a piece of that very helmet...

This photo illustrates the first part of our Lookbook - We will tell the story of these Hesperian Gods through various artistic mediums. We created an entire Martian Mythology and are looking forward to sharing more.

We're very excited with this brand new collection and happy to finally present it to you.

Stay tuned, more is to come!


Main photography by : Lucie Monroe

Model : Mystic Nyck Ninja

Helmet Design : Marine Arnoul

Helmet Making : James Whittall

Second Helmet Photography : Paul Clichy

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