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HESPERIAN GODS S/S 20 : New collection Teaser !

For our new collection, we will tell stories and legends about Hesperian Gods. Who are they ?

s t o r y t e l l i n g

Meet MK22 and MK09, two famous planetary explorers, known for their bravery and experience. They are Hesperians, one of the most advanced species in the galaxy. They are searching for lost civilizations, to learn and understand their history. Their goal: to save their species from imminent extinction.

Hesperians originate from Planet Mars-T18.

They are super-human, genetically enhanced for long journeys thorugh deep space and are able to adapt to any kind of environment.

They visit galaxies thousands of light years away with their vessel, and throughout the years they have created important communities on many planets. They are archeologists, explorers, scientists and adventurers, aiming for intergalactic peace through an alliance between all intelligent lifeforms.

After millenia of living in prosperity, their technological advances disrupted the natural order and devastated the climate of their planets. Forced to evacuate their settled worlds they attempted a mass exodus to find new homes. The Hesperians had little time to escape however, and many of their overpopulated worlds were completely destroyed. Their history and knowledge turned to dust. The few that reached worlds already populated by other species survived, and are now spread throughout many galaxies.

Knowing that this lost knowledge can change their future, MK22 and MK09 are the last chance to save what remains of their kind, and rewrite their history.

Team Credits :

Story written by : Marine Arnoul

Proofread : James Whittall

Concept & Design : Marine Arnoul Photography : Paul Clichy Photography & Kevin Felix-lassa Backstage : Lucie Monroe Models : Seyana Sagonce (MK09) & Florian Pressoir (MK22) Photoshoot Assistant : Camille Euvrard Sewing Helpers : Charles Pouls & Camille Euvrard

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