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Martian Agency x Shanzi Han : The Sound of Universe

Discover an exclusive collaboration between the French brand Martian Agency and the Chinese artist Shanzi Han.

Destined to museums in China, this conceptual and artistic video, directed by Marine Arnoul and Meizi Peng, is an exploration between two artists with different backgrounds and approaches, experimenting and creating a unique visual and sound experience, called '' The sound of Universe ''.

This is a story about encounters, duality, emotions, letting go and interactions in the virtual environment and how it effects reality. It's about facing its fears, hopes, feelings, finding the right ones to trust, understand its true self and each other.

This video is a poem, where dance represents words, emotions are the only language, in this vaporous world, filled with currents, energies, organic and virtual retro-projections.

Watch the teaser, made by Paul Guillotel :

Watch the museum video :

* We recommend to watch this video full screen with sound on.

Discover more photos from the set :

Photography by Vanessa Vercel

Photography by Vanessa Vercel

Photography by Vanessa Vercel

Photography by Vanessa Vercel

A huge thank to the entire team !

Full team Credit :

Directed by Marine Arnoul & Meizi Peng

Produced by Meizi Peng

Chinese Artist Shanzi Han

Director of Photography Kevin Félix-Lassa

Camera A by Shi Biqiong

Camera B by Paul Guillotel

Costume Design by Martian Agency

Sound Design by Kevin Félix-Lassa & Marine Arnoul

Hair Stylist by Anaïs Baron

Make Up Artists Elora Obrecht & Laura Le

Models @clemencelibotte @jord__mch @djobibalou @venus_fk

Studio @Vanessavercel

Stage Manager Olivier Keste & Hong Jia Bei

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