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WATCH : | NOMAD | Fashion Film

After months of work, the fashion film NOMAD, which took place in Sitia, Crete back in march is finally out !

Discover an exclusive visual into Martian Agency's F/W 18-19 collection presented here as fashion film.

For her very first video clip, Martian Agency's head designer, Marine Arnoul offers a Futuristic Couture Collection, evolving into an outer space experience.

This fashion collection takes place on a foreign planet, with enigmatic characters, aiming to give a very unique sci-fi tainted story and background to those graphic and powerful garments.

NOMAD is about peaceful encounters, boundless discoveries, boldness, open mindedness, and alliance.

Watch it now, with sound and HQ :


Video Credits :

Directed by Gaël Rezé

Produced by Marine Arnoul

Creative Director : Marine Arnoul

Director of Photography : Kevin Félix-Lassa

Gimbal Operator : Gaël Rezé

Photography : Aymeric Richard

Models : Mathilde Chantrel, Konstantinos Markogiannakis

Costume & Set Dressing : Fanny Girard, Marine Arnoul

Props Maker : James Whittall

Make Up And Hair : Stavroula Anagnostaki

Shooting Assistant : Michalis Pechlivanis

VFX Supervisor : Charlie Delahousse

VFX Artist : Matthieu Ferroud

Spaceship Concept : Edouard Noisette

3D Modeling : Joardann Jacob

Music : Zhu & Nero - Dreams

Special thanks to : Sitia City, KPHTH TV, Markogiannakis Family, Pechlivanis Family, Alexandre Masson

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