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Altered Carbon : Temporary Exhibition

Altered Carbon : Temporary Exhibition

We are in 2384. Death isn't the end, but a new beginning : Your soul is stored on a chip that you can put on any body you like. Welcome to Psycha Tech.

Tomorrow, Netftlix will release a brand new series called "Altered Carbon", a sci-fi thriller with lots of action, blood, robots, flying cars... and hopefully awesome costumes as well !

The costumes have been designed by Ann Foley, also known for her work on Star Trek Into Darkness (2013), Déjà vu (2006), Poséidon (2006) and many other successful movies. You can read her bio here

We were able to watch the trailer, and it looks amazing! Netflix went big. The exhibition was very entertaining and the atmosphere was well interpreted. We were able to fit in a bag in order to store our body, then pick our next custom body from a computer. Interesting you might say.

The story was inspired by the book Altered Carbon, written by Richard Morgan. He's a very talented sci-fi writer and his books are a huge source of inspiration.

Altered Carbon : Temporary Exhibition

The font and the logo are quite amazing.

Altered Carbon : Temporary Exhibition

We've also noticed that they were influenced by the work of Iris Van Herpen, which is quite unique itself.

Altered Carbon : Temporary Exhibition
Altered Carbon : Temporary Exhibition

The concept and the place were both very futuristic, we were fully immersed in this possible future, questionning life's meaning.

We're looking forward to discovering the show, it looks very promising.

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