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|NOMAD| F/W 18-19 : New Collection

March 29, 2018

'' The arrival.'' \\ Part 1 | COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit  MAYALL Jacket  ELNATH Space Helmet



Over the last few weeks, Martian Agency has presented its new collection |NOMAD| F/W 18-19 through enigmatic photos, posted following the story of the clip that will be released in april.


|NOMAD| Collection is composed by 6 products, most of them will be for sale in the next few days. The quantity will be extremely limited, handmade in France in our workshop.


Women Collection : 

COMETE - Space Suit - Masterpiece (NFS)

Space Suit made out of latex fabric and holographic lycra.

MAYALL - Jacket - Masterpiece (NFS)

Neoprene jacket with silver skai and black straps.

ANDROMEDE - Dress - For sale 

Thick lycra black & white, Stretch Metallic lycra, Metallic Chainmail veil.


No-Gender Collection :

EARTH - Winter Coat - For sale

Textured neoprenes, metallic skai origami belt.

JUPITER - Origami Pants - For sale

Neoprenes, straps, devoured velvet bias

PLUTON - Sweater - For sale

Double sided fabric thick jersey and crepe, Neoprenes, metallic skai, 3D mesh biais


Products' photos will be online very soon in order to see them in detail.

If you are interested in a garment, you can pre-order by contacting us.


'' The discovery. '' \\ Part 2COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit  MAYALL Jacket  ELNATH Space Helmet


'' The immensity. '' \\ Part 3 | COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit  MAYALL Jacket  ELNATH Space Helmet


'' The wandering. '' \\ Part 3 | COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit 


'' The conquest. '' \\ Part 4 | COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit 


SOLITARY \\ SHIFT \\ PART 6 | COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit 


MADNESS \\ PART 7 | COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit 


"The encounter." \\ PART 8 | COMETE Masterpiece Space Suit | EARTH Winter coat | JUPITER Pants | ORIONIS Headpiece


"Trust." \\ PART 9 | ANDROMEDE Dress | PLUTON Sweater | JUPITER Pants | ORIONIS Headpiece

"Unity." \\ PART 10 | ANDROMEDE Dress | PLUTON Sweater | JUPITER Pants | ORIONIS Headpiece


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