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JUST DANCE 2020 : Marine Arnoul as Costume Designer !

JUST DANCE 2020 is out ! Get ready to dance !

A brand new project we're very happy to share with you : Marine's collaboration with the worldwide phenomenon videogame JUST DANCE.

For the 3rd year in the row, she's been designing costumes for the coaches in the game. From kids songs with cute pandas to futuristic styles and very sharp fashion, there is only one step !

The variety that offers Just Dance is very unique, and allows Marine to experiment and search constantly for the next trends. What will the players want to see in the next game ?

Marine's experience in Fashion Design and Costume Making is very important in her creative process for Just Dance. Every song has a very specific theme, and once she has the briefing, she has to create the coaches who will be dancing in the map. From haircut, to accessories, shoes, garments and colors... They all have a story to tell through their garment !

As surprising as it can sound, they are real dancers and real costumes. Marine works with a very talented team of costume makers, in charge of bringing to life her designs !

She supervises the production of the costumes, all the fittings with the dancers, and the shooting days. Intense program ahead !

Bringing new concepts and techniques with her, Marine worked on the very first 3D printed outfit in Just Dance. The song is " God is a Woman by Ariana Grande.

You can watch the creative spotlight here :

It is an exciting time of year for Marine, who is finally able to share with the world 12 months of intense work, collaborating with the very best costume makers in Paris, and with a great team of video artists, concept artists, level designers...

This year, Just Dance has collaborated with famous artists, such as Billie Eilish, Aya Nakamura, and also with Disney for the song FROZEN 2 !

To watch the coach's design for Aya Nakamura here.

Take a look at the full playlist, and pick up your favorite costumes :

More informations about the game here.


✨ On #JustDance2020’s launch day, we want to celebrate the amazing people who make the game so great! Here are Pauline and Marine, working on a map from the new #JustDance a few months ago… one of the many map you will be able to dance on starting today! 🕺💃 #ParisStudioTour .

#JustDance2020 sort aujourd’hui, et on avait envie de mettre en lumière les personnes géniales qui font de ce jeu un aussi bon jeu ! Voici Pauline et Marine il y a quelques mois, lorsqu’elles travaillaient sur une nouvelle map de #JustDance… l’une des nombreuses sur lesquelles vous allez pouvoir danser à partir d’aujourd’hui ! 🕺💃 #ParisStudioTour

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