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World of WearableArt Contest !

Big news!

Last weekend, Marine Arnoul, the creator of Martian Agency sent a very big package to New-Zealand...

You may have seen those two outfits already from the |GLITCH| collection back in september 2017, which participated in the E-Fashion Award Contest in Paris.

Both of those outfits are now on a boat, heading to the other side of the world!

To discover the contest :

Indeed, they have been pre-selected by the jury of the international contest World of WearableArt in New-Zealand. The outfits will be inspected and tested in order to know if they can enter the final show in the Avant-Garde Section.

These two outfits are equiped with microphones, detecting surrounding sounds, also programmed with specific animations for the show attuned to the music. Martian Agency created a collection called "GLITCH" to illustrate electronic failure with an accumulation of organic elements with 3D printed structures, like a virus.

Packing of the box to protect the garments.

Hopefully they will make it on time, and in one piece!

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